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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

หนังสือพระราชอำนาจ... จากวิสคอนซิน ถึงกรุงเทพ

Re: Best-selling book: the real power of the monarch (The Nation, Sept 5) “The fact is that His Majesty will endorse every constitution before it can be implemented. His power apparently overwhelms what’s stated in the charters.” This is a very naive logic and it is dangerous to mislead the public. Is a US president above the law since he signs it into law? Does having the authority to veto a law mean he is above the law? NO and NO. How many orders and regulations Pramuan himself signed at the Ministry of Interior? Was he above those regulations? (Perhaps he was.)
Pramuan's book is nothing but a popularization of the ideas held among the roylaists after 1932 who have tried several times since 1932 to revive the power of the monarch. In fact his historical knowledge and his pervert legal logics are much worse than the original thinkers of the royalists of earlier generations (such as Prince Dhaninivat -- Kromamun Phitthayalap Prutthiyakorn). If concerned citizens of the present generation, like those at the Manager or at this newspaper, are fascinated and convinced by Pramuan's ideas, it reflects how superficial and uncritical they are. Perhaps we all are. They (we all?) are falling into the trap of the royalist revivalism. This reflects how poor our historical knowledge is. Before going crazy with Pramuan's book, we should study how horribly Pridi Phanomyong had suffered at the hands of the royalist revivalists especially during 1946-49. The wrongful accusation of Pridi was the work of these people. Sorry, I am not Thaksin's supporter. I have written and talked in many places against the current government, especially its hopeless handling of the crisis in the deep south. But I think an effort to undermine the government by reviving the old royalism is dangerous and must be countered. The royalists are trying to wipe out the accomplishments of the 1932 revolution.
By the way, you write, "more than 1,000 years of absolute monarchy in Thailand". Can you tell me from when to when? Since Thailand was a modernized kingdom at the Altai Mountain in Mongolia? With your statement, I am not surprised that Pramuan's book becomes best-selling. As a historian, I plead guilty of failure to make people intelligent in history.

ความเห็นของอาจารย์ธงชัย ต่อหนังสือเรื่องพระราชอำนาจ ของประมวล

อ่านแล้วรู้สึกยังไง...ตื่นเต้น จนต้องไปก็อบมาไว้ก่อน..(จริงๆมีของอ.สมศักดิ์อีกความเห็น แต่ยาวมาก....) ส่วนเห็นด้วยหรือไม่...อีกเรื่องหนึ่ง ค่อยว่ากันพรุ่งนี้....หึหึ


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